We are more than an agency, we are family. We are a collective of cultures, experiences and skills, yet united in our approach. An approach that leads us to listen more so that we understand you better, dig deeper so that our insights are stronger and polish harder so that your creative shines brighter. An approach that turns intimidating sales targets into empty shelves, tight timelines into a thousand facebook likes per hour and real marketing challenges into true brand love.


We are a family, a collective, a melting-pot, a brigade, a battalion, a squadron… call us what you will. Individually, we are unique in our experiences, talents and our cultures yet as Tuxedo, we are united… in our approach, our dedication and our ambition. We are who we are and we are what we do. We are Tuxedo.


We do what’s best for you, which just happens to be what’s best for us. We listen more so that we understand you better, we dig deeper so that your insights are stronger and we polish harder so that your creative shines brighter. We do what we do and we find that’s what delivers results, wins awards and makes everyone happy.


Maybe you want golf-buddies to tell you how slick your business cards look or be complimented on your social media strategy. Perhaps you want to be invited to Cannes or maybe you would like to hit a million facebook fans by the end of the year. Whatever your reason, we are happy to hear from you.


  • Dominic Tremblay

    President, Founder

    Président, fondateur

    Dominic Tremblay

  • Ludwig Ciupka

    VP Creative, Co-founder

    VP Création, cofondateur

    Ludwig Ciupka

  • Laurent Guez

    VP Environment design, Co-founder

    VP Design d'environnement, cofondateur

    Laurent Guez

  • Caroline Pilon

    VP, Strategy & Client Services

    VP, Stratégie et service conseil

    Caroline Pilon

  • Ollie Miles

    Associate Creative Director

    Directeur créatif associé

    Ollie Miles

  • Sabrina Del Duca

    Account Director

    Directrice de comptes

    Sabrina Del Duca

  • Caroline Grutman

    Manager, Photo & Video Production

    Manager, production photo et vidéo

    Caroline Grutman


President, Founder

Recognized for his undeniable leadership qualities and expertise in international brand management, Dominic has lost count of the successful projects and product launches that he has orchestrated, most notably for L’Oréal Canada. He spent ten years as marketing director then general manager of key brands of their Luxury Products and Professional Products divisions. As someone who strives to stay on top of industry developments, Dominic has an innate aptitude for marketing and entrepreneurial spirit that saw him named among Infopresse’s top ten personalities of 2012.


V.P Creation, Co-Founder

A lively imagination, a gift for staying ahead of the times, the ability to innovate while working toward a specific goal… Ludwig is a rising star in the creative world, where he has already made his mark as an art director at a number of different agencies. Responsible for all aspects of fashion photography and design, he oversees and directs the creation of campaigns, starting with the initial concept and following through to post-production and delivery. Energy and know-how are Ludwig’s trademarks, while the product of his talents have found their way to the awards circuit.


V.P Environmental Design, Co-Founder

Trained as a designer, Laurent first made a name for himself working for various European design agencies. Heading the Guez Communication & Design agency in Montreal for ten years, he has built a solid reputation for designing commercial spaces. With a global and strategic approach to design, he specializes in conceiving activities, creating brand environments, and relating stories to consumers – all this to spark their interest with a totally different experience. Laurent’s work has received national and international media acclaim, and has been featured in design guides.


We have been fortunate to find that doing what’s right for our clients, seems to work pretty well for us too. While clients have been able to measure our results in numbers and sales figures (something we are equally proud of), our efforts have also resulted in many magazine articles, blog features, highlight reels and shiny little statues... making us very proud indeed.

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