Tuxedo is more than a gathering of individuals… Tuxedo is a family. A collective of many cultures, passions and talents, yet united in our approach, our dedication and our ambition. We are friends, we are confidants and we are allies. We have our arms held open, to welcome like-minded talents to join the Tuxedo family.


Photoshop Wizard, Social Media Guru, Strategic Scientist… whatever your particular strengths are, it’s safe to say we are looking for creativity - of the mind and of the hand - as without it we cannot create the kind of work that shines brighter and echoes further.


We like people and people seem to like us, which we also like. We like talking to people, we like asking questions and we’re happy to answer them too. We like people who tell us what they think and people who are happy to hear what we think. Hopefully you like that too.


If you’re hungry - hungry to learn new things, hungry to do great work, hungry to be part of something great, hungry to prove yourself, hungry for a challenge – we’ll be more than happy to feed you. We genuinely mean it, there’s coffee in the pot and food in the fridge.


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