Discovering manhood — Our Challenge: As a niche brand with limited awareness, Baxter of California, which specializes in men’s grooming and skincare products, needed to maximize their resources with a strong digital campaign for maximum impact. The mandate was to create a highly shareable online video campaign that would build brand awareness worldwide and establish the American brand in the digital market, while remaining loyal to the unique values and qualities that have served Baxter well since 1965. Our Solution: The storyline is overall pretty simple – for many young men, the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood can be an embarrassing one. Our Results: The YouTube-hosted short film was exclusively launched on GQ Magazine’s website on November 1st, and got more than half a million views in 2 weeks – a strong viral debut for the small Californian brand.

Digital/Social Media Video/TV beard + GQ magazine + MEN + shaving + skincare

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