LaSalle College gets a makeover — Our Mandate: Lasalle College, member of LCI Education Network, is one of the most flourishing Canadian educational institutions around the world. Tuxedo was mandated to develop the visual branding identity of Lasalle College, to create LCI Network’s brand identity and to develop the advertising brand guidelines for international communications across the Network. Our Solution:  LASALLE COLLEGE LOGO - We updated and modernized the Lasalle College logo, which now reflects the roots and aspirations of the College, but can also be adaptable for all the countries where they’re located. LCI EDUCATION NETWORK - The Lasalle International Network became LCI educational network, and regroups all the different banners under one group with a brand new visual identity that expresses the roots of the network. The unity was primordial in order to position itself as an important player on the international scene. GRAPHIC GUIDELINES - Used by more than 21 post-secondary campuses across 11 countries, LCI Education communications needed to be uniform in order to create a coherent branding at the International level. A modern and flexible graphic layout was thus created as well as a graphic norms document in order to easily communicate recommendations to all the countries and ensure uniformity.

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