Our mandate: Kérastase Canada mandated Tuxedo for the concept development of its new Canadian Flagship, in partnership with Ignite, an aptly-selected hair and beauty lounge in Vancouver. This project aimed to integrate both branding and a clarification of what the brand offers by following a customer’s route through the salon - from the facade and reception to the discovery/sales environment, and finally to the shampooing and haircutting areas. Our solution: Take into account the evolution of the expression of the brand on an international level. Meanwhile, restructure the organization and implementation of the existing salon by integrating a shampoo station and a new display unit for product lines and visuals. As such, we have created a refined environment that is both elegant and serene and allows the customer to enter the world of professional, high-end products with confidence. A meticulous selection of materials and finishes was conducted in order to answer to budgetary restrictions as well as the city’s legal conditions while maintaining the brand’s luxurious appeal. Our result: A pilot project that has become a pioneer in Canada, winning the hearts of consumers and building pride of ownership. In the end, a new approach to product sales was implemented to foster greater customer retention for Kérastase.    

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