We are a multidisciplinary creative team capable of delivering fully integrated campaigns from strategic insight through to final creative production. At Tuxedo we are able to bridge the online and offline as we produce everything from digital campaigns and photo shoots through to packaging and store design.


Times are changing and budgets are shifting. Tuxedo is fortunate to have been born in an age that makes it natural for digital to be integrated into our thinking, rather than considered an add-on or an after-thought. In the process of making your campaign a hit online, we are always looking to innovate through new technologies such as 3D and interactive video, ensuring that your content is impactful on your website, via mobile or in store windows.


With a strong background in the demanding fields of fashion and beauty, our team has developed an unmatched expertise in brand identity and image that carries through to all segments of the market. Tuxedo offers a brand expression that is not only powerful and elegant, it is also rich and well founded on your brand’s values. Our creative team regroups the best artists in design, typography, multimedia and photography.


Social media offer great results, if you know how to use them to your benefit. Not only can we help you become part of social media, we are able to help you understand which ones are right for you and give you the greatest potential. Our strategic approach ensures that social media works in synergy with your overall brand strategy.


Equipped with the latest technology and understanding of the WEB today, our team has all the resources and experience needed to build your on-line strategy. Our WEB expertise is founded on clear brand strategy, simple and intuitive navigation, rich and stimulating browsing experiences, and a keen aesthetic eye. We also understand the behind the scenes of the WEB to be able to make sure your site is one of the top in your field.


For any medium, Tuxedo can create, produce and look after placement of every aspect of your advertising needs. Our service is tailored to your objectives and your budget with both your short term and long term goals in mind. Whether it is a worldwide TV spot, a magazine Ad or a web banner we can conceptualize and create it for you. With the added benefit of an in-house photo and film studio, we have become masters at creating impactful and authentic testimonials campaigns, stunning before/after demonstrations and sleek How To videos.


We believe your brand values need to be expressed perfectly in all areas including at point of sale. This is why we have developed a strong interior design service able to create an environment to reflect each brand’s own identity. With an understanding of the brand’s essence and the trends in its market segment, we build unique brand experiences which add to your customer-cultivating relationships. Whether it is commercial counters, “shop in shop” concepts, retail stores including flagships, trade show booths, or office space, our process combines strong design skills, understanding today’s retail environment, and a perfect brand image expression.


To reach consumer press or trade publications, Tuxedo’s PR resources brings you many years of strong experience and strong relationships. Our services include writing press releases, creation of focused communication plans, follow-up and management of media relations to maximize the impact of all initiatives.


At Tuxedo, we do much more than organize events, we bring value to the brand being presented. By bringing life to the brand with a unique experience for the attendees, we make sure the event is about style and substance. If it is a large event that will resonant for an important cause, a media launch, a training seminar, a trade show, a shareholder’s meeting or a client presentation, we create memorable experiences where the end result is the focus.


In a fast changing landscape, we can help you understand and better manage your media investment. We not only offer you tailor-made solutions, we will consistently measure ROI, ensuring that your dollars are maximised and your consumer target is reached.


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